What have I been up to?

It's been a busy time here in Las Vegas. I'm currently playing bass in a couple of shows on the Strip, including Zombie Burlesque and Vegas The Show! over at Planet Hollywood. These shows are both great fun, and keep me busy 6-7 nights per/week, with the flexibility of being able to continue working in a all of my other projects at the same time. What a luxury. 

I'm currently playing in a few groups around town, including a fabulous jazz infused pop combo called "Red Penny Arcade," which features two dazzling singers; Anne Martinez and Jackie Wiatrowski, and a new project called Polytonez that features four multi-instrumentalists, playing cool arrangements of contemporary music.

I'm playing tuba in a couple of ensembles, including the New Orleans style "Dixie Flats," and an awesome brass quintet called "Red Rock Brass," which plays some beautiful classical arrangements, and even some cool brass arrangements of pop tunes.

I've recently finished scoring a new feature length movie featuring a Russian Clown named Popovich, which will be out in festivals later this year, and am currently woking on a few new composition projects. Updates forthcoming.

Lots of good things on the horizon. Check back soon for updates.