Peter Fand

Multi-Instrumentalist, ComPoser, Recording Artist

Peter Fand is a multi-instrumentalist, song writer, composer, performer and recording artist based in Las Vegas, NV. He is a 7 year veteran of Cirque du Soleil, has performed in some of the worlds most prestigious venues, including Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Apollo Theater, The Kremlin Palace in Moscow, on Broadway, and countless theaters and venues around America, Europe, South America, Australia and Africa.

Peter has appeared on over 40 CD’s as an instrumentalist, songwriter and composer,  has composed/performed music for films and television, and has additional recording credits with a host of artists, including such notables as Harry Belafonte. Hi is currently the bass player in the show "Zombie Burlesque" at Planet Hollywood, and and on call bassist at "Vegas The Show!," He is also the songwriter/mandolin player/singer in the band Tin Toy Cars, and plays in a variety of ensembles in a host of styles, in and around Las Vegas.

His primary instruments include bass (electric/acoustic), Tuba, Percussion (international/orchestral), mandolin (and octavemandolin), Kora (a 21 string West African harp-lute), guitar, blues harp (harmonica) and voice. He speaks conversational French, Spanish and Russian, facilitating work with artists from around the world, and in projects where English is not the primary language.    

Peter is proud to endorse several companies that are raising the bar for artists, by developing instruments and tools that bring artistry to the next level, including Weber Mandolins, Breedlove Guitars, Collings Guitars, Godin Guitars, DR Strings, John Pearse Strings, K&K Pickups and  Bluechip Picks.