Elite Entertainment for Luxury Events

I have been providing elite level entertainment for events of all kinds since the early days of my career. Now, with more than 30 years of history in the event entertainment world, I continue to dive deeper and refine my vision. When I was in college I was an ethnomusicology major, studying and discovering musical cultures from every corner of the planet. Now, after a lifetime of musical exploration, many years spent touring the world, and work in the highest levels of the entertainment industry, I have established a network of musicians and creative partners who allow me the unique ability to source pretty much anything,  anywhere.

I have a large collection of resident ensembles of my own design, which are featured below. All of these groups are available for appearances anywhere in the country or the world. Additionally, I have a limitless selection of other options available, in every genre, style, cultural category etc. No matter how outlandish it might sound, don't hesitate to ask. I bet I can provide what you are looking for.

D Flats, the Ultimate 15-Piece Party Band

Singer Based Ensembles

New Orleans Style Music

Boutique International

DJ Hybrid

Gospel Choir