Lot's of exciting things brewing!

It's been a very busy time around here. It is indeed a good time to be a musician in Las Vegas, and from what I can tell, anywhere in the United States. Here at home I continue to maintain a busy gig schedule, performing in a few production shows around town, and with a myriad of great bands, and singer/based projects. 

Meanwhile, I continue to contract music and entertainment for events of all kinds, both at home in Vegas, and all around the country. As a contractor, I fill a unique role, as someone who can source pretty much anything. Most of my clients are agents, and every day I field inquiries from people looking for really cool and unique musical options for their events. I have the good fortune of working with some incredibly creative and forward thinking partners, and am always excited and proud of the work that we're doing. When an agent is contacted by a couple planning their wedding, and she's from Nigeria and he's from Korea, and they want  authentic Nigerian and Korean music in their ceremony, I typically get the call. Or when a client wants to move guests from one location to another with a New Orleans style Second Line parade band, I typically get the call. I'm “the source” for parters everywhere…and love the role…hiding a bit behind the curtain, making things happen at the highest level possible.

Really fun stuff!

Do you need something unique at your event? I've got you.